Surgical Procedures

Outpatient surgery

All outpatient surgeries are covered by health or accident insurance and the patient is invoiced according to the TARMED or FIM fee schedule. Consultations are reimbursed to the patient, except for his/her co-pay and possible deductible.

Surgery with hospitalization (in the event of an accident covered by LAA insurance)

All surgeries covered by the patient's employer accident insurance (e.g., SUVA) can be performed in private clinics, unless the patient has additional coverage for private or semi-private hospitalization.

Surgery with hospitalization (in the event of illness or accident not covered by LAA insurance)

In this case, the patient should be receiving supplemental insurance, covering the surgery and hospitalization costs in a private or semi-private ward. Without such insurance, the bulk of the costs will be borne by the patient and will be subject to an estimate prior to the surgery.

Surgery with hospitalization (for esthetic surgery)

The costs associated with esthetic surgery are not covered by insurance. These fees are subject to an estimate prepared following consultation. There is no "standard price," because every patient is unique and each individual situation is regarded with the utmost attention!